Wednesday, 10 June 2009

i am finding it quite difficult to come up with ideas on what to get Mark for his 26th birthday,i mean what do u get a 26 year old?man is he really 26? having met him when he was just in his early 20's. hopefully he wouldn't be reading this or he would just have unravelled his gifts,sore loser!i wish i could splash out,ah i have a nerve to just spend,overspend for that this year i am on a budget.i am in between anticipating but also excitement.i have to monopolise going out (well hey haven't got anyone to see lately),i'm already fantasising what i want to purchase!but before thats exposed....

the pen and paper has been proven to be my new best friend.i realised making list helps me through the day. i'm planning logically what to spend the remaining money Mark gave me. firstly i thought i should get a new french manicure set,the one from Primark proved to be well how do i put it clearly, absolutely crap!i'm not one to go to spa's or get treatment's,not because it wouldn't be worth it but coz i can do it them fact i'm not trying to be ahead of myself but i think i can be a qualified beautician, without having to go through college. i can bikini wax (tried it the other day,doesn't prove to be delightful), i can perfectly pluck eyebrows, (been doing mine since i was 12 and i haven't complained since) and i can do manicures!i really don't understand the point of women going into salons and spending a few pounds on something they can clearly easily do themselves. on the basis of the all things french, i also decided to brush up on my french as i want to have constant visits to Paris which proves to be one of my top 5 favourite gladly,its just across the road from us. When i do get my Holga Lomo , i will capture the true beauty of the city,from how i see it.i've already made an album on my facebook page compiled of images that best represents the nicer cultivated view of would be so handy to know my "je n'ai se quai" from my va va voom!if you have not seen the quality a Holga can produce, then cap your eyes on the above pictorials!i cannot wait to be the cunning photographer!

back to my generous gift-giving ideas i decided to give mark a few bits & bobbies:
- a chilling treat
- a decorative treat
-an eating treat
- a creative treat

ok so i didn't really declare what im getting him,only because he may be nosing around ;)!but 4 gifts should get him through.

i just have to rant that i am in midst of self discovery.i am not trying to be hard on myself but it has come to my attention that i feel like no one knows what i'm about,i dunno whether its because i'm not as easy going as i use to be before or because i've grown out of certain ways/and certain people. i guess when you've grown up, you just move on. i put myself in this, so now i need to get out of it and take action.even if it means going into hiding then at least i can have a clear head and then at least i know what makes me content.i'm only getting this aggravated because nothing seems enough for me,i want more!

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