Friday, 26 June 2009

a sad day for some....a good day for one:june 25th

so manko turned another year ol' but then mj just had to take it off his hands,(ha insistantly with a fist fight!) what a sad i vow myself not to mention unless someone speaks first about it.

r.i.p homeboy. "ur truly in a better place..hope the vocals you have been blessed with be filled in heaven"

so following on to the week,after the celebrationary...the party went without a hitch!
i went abit crafty with wrapping up the presents.its been proved that my creative gene is active at these times:


simples!all i did was get some parcel paper,found a font from the Dafont which provides a hella lot of cool fonts especially if you want to make banners or any graphic based pieces, so in this case i used font called "city_burn_night_after_night_and_we_spraypaint_the_walls", which looked like stencils for graffiti and then used different coloured cellotape to make it real pretty!;)

favs of the week:

on tv://
as i was flicking through,i didn't realise i was enjoyed watching Kirsty's Home-made Home. I have no idea what it is but i'm strangely having this whole home-wifey vibe going on. I seem to want to cook;clean;make handmade items,u name it,i wanna do it!its basically a how-to guide on diy' the episode i saw Kirsty was making her own pottery bowl,creating her own glass tumbler by glass blowing and sowing a simple cushion cover!!!OMGGGGG!i just love one of a kinds!!!that is why from now on i will try to create my own skills on everything that is anything.i thought Kirsty was only an expert on interior defience criticisms!love you now!

now watching how to make a lampshade.may ask the mankz if he wants me to make wow!

on blogs:// a blog to how to's!and with the increasing interest on handcrafts why not?if in doubt,i probably be making every single crafting item there is.

this is my is a good heart
....and if u know whats good,this provides a substancial number of meanings presented in poems,quotes,visual reps and then more!i email-ed my own one but awaiting i'll make it as soon as!
i love this one:

before i forget!I'M GRADUATING!nuff said.

note:i need to make a new banner for this blog..!

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