Saturday, 28 February 2009

its alive...

and revived..

i had to u know.had to refresh my blog.wasn't happy with the last one.had no direction but its 2009 and all things fresh on the cards.

have u noticed i spelt misinterpreted right?oh does this mean everything is potentially correct and PROPER!?Get me?

so whats in the bag?all that i do,u know the protocol!so let me take u on the journey of mystical mysteries.where have i been?what have i done?what do i do?are the many questions we do not know....

so i gotta say february has been such an eventful kind of month.january was just there to settle things down but ye its been fun. yesterday i went and saw Freaks as part of Curzon Soho:Midnight Movies.
long story short..its about a bunch of circus folk,main focus on hans (he looks like a baby but is a midget) and cleo the ever flawless beauty who hans falls for,only for cleo to marry him because of a fortune he carries.

this is the pick of the lot:

finds out cleo out to poison him,alas he gets his revenge.>>fast forward to 2:00 u get the gist of the story..>>fast forward again 3:59 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA just watch.

at around this time,the crowd woop'd

the plot of killing his wife come with veageance.hans and his friends leave her no choice>>fast forward to 2:21 HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA bcoz they is so gangster!!!!double woopee!!!!!

what a film...go watch!question is,what would u classify as a freak?and do u think its humanly acceptable for us to see these deformaties?