Thursday, 30 April 2009

nu phase...figurin' it out!

i've been a bad girl.will u forgive me for strayin'?for neglecting you?plz forgive me!i'm here fill you up with supplimentary info.anywhos cuttin' the shit short.

i got my very own twitter's!yes i've got a neighbour!not entirely by choice but how would you like it when you literally have a wake up call that goes tweet.i'll give it a tweet...visualise this "homer chokin' up bart" but make that moi a la boxin' a rockin' robin or is it a sparrow?oh who cares...i demand a protest!since when has my so called wing-feathered friend had the right to move in with a p.o box to its name?ah i will live peacefully side by side for now...just one more mishap ;)

d to the iss-oh!half way till i can figure where my invisible strings decide where it will trot off to...the world is a scary place but also it intrigues me.bring it on...smack me with what you got,i dare you.i promise,from now it,its all bout the nu self improved girl that hid away bcoz she couldn't fight them monster.well i will slay and slay away till victory decides to pop its head up. no more settlin', im in it to win it.first off,get rid of all of the vintage:bring in the modern!

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